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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $49
Free Shipping On All Orders Over $49


We're a family-operated, proudly American business dedicated to providing superior pressure washer accessories. We don't mass produce our items but rather, concentrate on ensuring every accessory, from our spray guns to our hose reels and fittings, embodies the quality you'd expect from a dedicated brand.

At ESSENTIAL WASHER, we're just like you – we're passionate about cleanliness, about the gratifying sight of dirt-free, sparkling surfaces, and about the tools that make it all possible. We understand that you have countless choices when it comes to pressure washer accessories, and that's why we make our promise clear: either you love how our products enhance your cleaning experience, or we refund your money, no questions asked, along with an apology.

Lastly, while our products are sourced from across the globe to ensure we bring you the best in variety and innovation, our company is rooted in America. This allows us to maintain stringent quality control and provide excellent customer service, ensuring we deliver you the best pressure washer accessories available on the market. Choose ESSENTIAL WASHER, choose quality.

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