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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $49

ESSENTIAL WASHER Plated Steel 3/8" Male Quick Connect Fittings Pressure Washer - Pressure Washer Plugs, 4200 PSI, 2 Pack

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  • High Pressure Power Washer Fittings: Our plated steel quick connect Plug is designed to handle up to 4200 PSI, ensuring robust performance for your high-pressure power washer fittings. It includes a 3/8" MPT for easy installation. 
  • Pressure Washer Couplers & Fittings: Pack includes 2 pressure washer fittings, each with a 3/8" NPT tapered male thread. These pressure washer couplers ensure a leak free connection, perfect for your pressure washer hose coupler.
  • Corrosion Resistance & Quick Connect: The quick connect plug is corrosion resistant, extending the life of your pressure washer hose fittings. The quick connect fitting 3/8 is designed for quick and easy setup.
  • Quick Connect For Pressure Washer: The quick connect for pressure washer ensures a secure and tight connection. The quick connect pressure washer fittings maintain strong pressure for efficient cleaning operations.
  • 3/8" Quick Coupler: The ⅜” quick coupler is designed for seamless integration with pressure washer hose quick connect systems. This allows for easy attachment and detachment, enhancing your power washer's versatility.

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