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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $49

Heavy Duty Spray Gun With Brass Components & M22 Adaptors | Ideal for Electric Pressure Washers

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🛠️ Ideal Upgrade for Efficiency: Transition from long, cumbersome pressure washer guns to a concise, potent Short Pressure Washing Gun. Improve control during detailed cleans and seamlessly integrate with foam cannons for an enhanced washing experience.

🔄 Versatile Compatibility: Tailored to function harmoniously with most pressure washers, this reliable pressure wash gun is equipped with a sturdy brass quick-connect couple, a zinc-plated steel 1/4 plug, and two high-caliber brass M22 adaptors (14mm & 15mm), ensuring optimal compatibility with electric pressure washers.

🤏 Ergonomic & Lightweight Design: Experience effortless one-handed use with the snub-nose pressure washer gun design, facilitating extended use without inducing fatigue, ensuring a comfortable grip and ease of operation.

🚀 Compact & Robust Design: Whether referred to as a pressure washer short gun, handle gun, or stubby pressure washer gun, the compact design is bound to captivate you, inducing you to swap out the larger, bulkier guns that typically accompany pressure washers.

💪 Power-Packed Performance: Rated for up to 4000 PSI, this pressure washer handle provides a compelling cleaning performance, being aptly suitable for a myriad of cleaning tasks spanning from heavy-duty, commercial, and residential cleaning endeavors.

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